everyday learning tips

Your child is learning all day long, so make everyday moments teachable moments


Try these tips:

  • I want to eat together as a family — I like to talk to everyone and I need to learn to listen to others also!
  • Describe everything. During baby care routines, talk to your baby, tell her what you are doing, what you see, what will happen next, and how you feel.
  • Make eating a pleasant time with me, smile and talk — don't rush me!
  • Always bring books along when we go somewhere — we may have time to look at them together.
  • Around 2-3 years, start giving your child small responsibilities around the house. For example, have your child clean up his or her toys, put shoes in the closet, or take cups to the sink.

When you attend Early Birds, you'll learn simple ways to turn everyday moments into teachable moments.